perjantai 12. syyskuuta 2014

Writing a blog first time

This is my first time to write a blog. I have never thought that I should do it but things can change. I have got an opportunity to start volunteering with VSO in Myanmar. I will live next six months in Yangon, Myanmar and work as a Fashion and Textile Adviser. I am excited and happy and I want to share my feelings and experiences about volunteering and designing in a new place.

Next two weeks will be extremely busy making all the preparation for the volunteering. I need to get medical examines and vaccinations and finish 36 hours training before I am ready to leave. Maybe it is good to be busy... I don´t have time to think how can I manage six months without speaking any word in Finnish except in Skype...

Right now I don´t have much time to make any new designs but I think spending some time in a different culture and new environment will bring something new to my designs as well. We´ll see what it is: Oriental and Scandinavian combination maybe :)

I´m also keeping my hopes up to make the Heimtextil 2015. After I get to my placement in Myanmar I will map out what are my possibilities to travel to Frankfurt to meet customers and taste the new trends.

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